Welcome to Sleepbot Constructs

Originally launched in 1995, this site has been a fount of my myriad web projects.   Its content is somewhat entertaining, and completely non-profit.
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Active Projects:
Streaming the Most Gorgeous of Sounds to the four winds.
This is the site's 100% official streaming MPEG station.   Its 24 / 7 / 365 programming schedule is painstakingly crafted to guide you into a state of serenity and peace.   New music is constantly in the hopper, and the latest launches are described in the What's New section.
The extensive Ambient Music Information archive that made "Sleepbot" a household name.
This is a library of albums, artists and labels of music from the Ambient genre.   I have been collecting music of this nature since the early 1990's and have amassed a considerable collection.   I figure that the least I can do for my fellow creatures is to document the best of my findings.
Completed Projects:
A groovy, hip, trippy-dippy Fortune-Telling experience
This is an online adaptation of my favorite Tarot deck.   Unlike most, it features no suits or numbering.   It is simply 88 trump cards, each with a sublime and heady symbolism.   The deck can teach you a lot, even when you don't know that you're being taught.
A new Time Standard for our growing planet
This is an implementation of metric time.   Originally communicated to me by my friend Jonathan Jay, I wrote a simple Java algorithmic implementation and some Applets for presentational purposes.
Archival Projects:
Pirate Radio in the fragrant city of Seattle
This section was the home for a brightly-but-briefly-lived pirate radio station started by my friend Popeye Khan back in the mid-1990's.   It contains the last-published DJ schedule as well as some instructions on constructing your own transmitter.
A journey into the Deepest and Sweetest of Jungles.
Like many breakbeat-headz in the late 1990's, I became very enamored with the Drum'n'Bass style.   I acquired a decent stack of wax, and had myself an irregular radio gig at the old Groovetech station.   The strongest content of this section was its streamed mixes, which (unfortunately) have since been taken down.
Cartoons overflowing with goofy violence and mediocre artistic value.
This is a transcription of some of the more publish-worthy comic strips I made back in my college days.   Ah, yes, back to those crazy, lazy days of youth when weirdness, angst and drama are such a part of one's daily life.
My friends Ben, Adrian and Brian put on a Deep House night back in 1995.   Here you'll find a few accompanying online components, presented in a crude pre-MySpace fashion.
Because it's always important to Look Out For Your Friends.
A couple little micro-sites that I put together way back in the day for a few of my artist friends.   They feature work by Colleen Worley and Leah Verre.
Small One-off Projects which require minimum fanfare
Includes incredibly Stupid Stories, Other Links from the early days of the WWW, and some Useless Stuff.
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