Happy Face The Senseless Existence of Critturs

originally titled Mmm, Critturs! Tastier than Fried Pork Rinds!

* old design dislaimer
This is the ARTWORK ARCHIVE of my senseless cartoons. Plenty of black'n'white GRAPHICS live here. with a modecum of TEXTUAL INFORMATION whenever and wherever necessary.

The following Justification of Senselessness will give you some idea as to the basic concepts involved here. It's designed for both neophytes and sages of Critturdom, and you can look at it as many times as you like without risk of plague or dismemberment. Please ignore the fine print. And by the way, if you somehow manage to poke your eye out while reading the explanation, don't come crying to me.

What the Hell Have I Found?

The following Regions of Senselessness can be accessed with a gentle click of your mouse. If you click too hard, you're liable to break something, probably your tender little clicking finger, but maybe something even more sensitive, like your skull.

The Great Conspiracy

"That Must Hurt" Comics

Stimulus/Response Pages

A Refreshing Tabular Crittur (unda construction)

The following Chunks of Senselessness come across as one big image, so it takes a while. They're just as goofy-ass as anything else I've put onto this page, so don't be expecting anything socially constructive or anything just because they're big and all. As most of us know, size isn't everything.

"Safety Tips for Living in the Modern World"
   (31K gif)

"Safety Tips" ..., in Japanese!
   (33K gif, illegible)

"A Children's Story"
   (45K gif)

"Captain Paradox vs. Something or Other"
   (81K gif, illegible)

"Sex-Happy Trigger-Kitten"
   (13K gif)

"Die Stilt Maschine"
   (4K gif)

If clicking doesn't seem to do anything, click on the tiny little box in the upper-left corner of your window. If a menu appears, you've done something terribly wrong -- click on it twice, rapidly. There. All better.

Oh, if you don't have a mouse, try poking at an option with your finger. Start gently, but gradually grow more and more insistent until something wonderful happens.

If you do have a mouse, check out the Crittur Cursor Set for Windows 95!

Apple !

Toast !

(c)1995, Lookit the Cat Productions
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