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A long time in coming, but well worth the effort.
In an attempt to keep up with the big fish in the highly competetive Ambience / New Age Content Website Syndicate, I have constantly strived to provide my readers with the most hot and delicious data available.
If you, dear listener, are the sort of free-thinking individual who is interested in staying abreast, feel free to subscribe to the feeds below.   Satisfaction is all but guaranteed.
An aggregate of all my spontaneous online writings, to help you keep inside my head.   So far, that's a combination of the Dissertation and txt feeds below.   New album reviews will be routed there as well, once I write them :)
An aggregate of all of the feeds listed below (except Track Data).   That's my written stuff and the thrice-daily Playlists.   It can be overwhelming, but there's always new content to be found.
Exactly what the name would imply.   The Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast playlist is delivered to your reader every day at 12a, 8a and 4p.   A week's worth of archived playlists are always available from the feed.
My general-purpose blog.   It is my channel for notices about new site content, new features and new music, as well as related commentary.   Yeah, I'm pretty sure you know what a blog is for.
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Messages forged on a whim.   When I need to deliver focused information in a pinch (eg. site iz broke ), this is my channel of choice.   It's also my outlet for pointless net chatter and loltxt argot experiments.   You'll get a little of everything.
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A living feed of current track data.   Poll it frequently and mash that baby up!   The current format is XML embedded inside of RSS 2.0, and I'm not sure if I should move it over to Atom 0.3.   Contact me if you have an opinion on the matter.
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