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this page describes the form and function of WRLD.time, a simplification and standardization of the passing day.
under optimum conditions, you will see a text item in the upper-right hand corner... two pairs of numbers and a separator.     this is an applet displaying the current WRLD.time.     if you said "whaddizzat?", click click here.
choose one of these desktop Web Clocks, and you get a little pop-up HTML window containing a WLRD.time clock.     click here to pick one randomly.
to ensure a pleasant and satisfying browsing experience, please confirm that your browser supports both Java and JavaScript.     if either are missing or disabled, you will see a blinking red indicator in the upper-right hand corner.     you'll need Java version 1.4.x or above... i believe that's JRE-2.
ps...     all the desktop clocks are AND the clock up there in the corner are aligned to an atomic clock... the rest aren't.     this is temporary... pardon the discrepancies!
  please, gentle reader.     sit for a while, and learn of such things as these:  
    The Many Faces
bookmarkable desktop clocks
in a wide variety of flavors
Hosting a Clock
adding one to your own page
is nearly easy as pie
    its about time
the delicate flower that is WRLD.time
expressed in jonathan's own words
The Classes
the Java class files themselves
in all their frabjuous glory
    Old to New
jonathan's conversion chart,
featuring several major cities
Class Documentation
how to use and configure
the WRLD.time class packages
in a safe & effective manner
  on the outside, you can visit:  
    jonathan jay
from whose mind hath sprung
the WRLD.time standard
Global Standard Time
an auto-refresh CGI implementation
of the WRLD.time algorithm
    Electric Fish
developer of Global Standard Time
for the PalmPilot.
NIST Time & Frequency
a source of information on
UTC and blander time standards.
    Time Cube
WRLD.time's little-known
demented twin brother
  here's a summary of the WRLD.time standard and clock face:  
    picture the passing of the day in percentages.     WRLD.time works this way.     the day is divided into 100 parts, and each of those is sub-divided into 100 more parts.     like you'd expect, the large parts are displayed to the left, and the smaller to the right.
the pair of digits to the left is called the measure, which is the slower cycle of time.     the pair to the right is the beat, which is the faster cycle.     works sorta neat that way.     they are analagous to hours and minutes, respectively.     however, rather than doing strange trippy things like going from 1 to 12 or 0 to 60, each pair of digits goes from 00 to 99 (a nice little improvement in symmetry).
WRLD.time is aligned to the International Date Line, which is GMT+12.     for folks like me on the West Coast of North America, that's 4 hours (16.66 measures) in the past.     there is no 'local' WRLD.time or WRLD.timezones... nor anything wacky like Daylight Savings Time.     instead, WRLD.time is a measurement of the rotation of the planet with this virtual "line" as its point of reference.
for those of us familiar with the clunky ol' 24-hour, 60 minute clock, this may seem a little odd.     WRLD.time is slower.     there's no midnight or noon, just 00.00 and 50.00.     100 measures in a day x 100 beats in a measure = 10000 beats in a full day.     definitely a lot more zeros than we're used to seeing.
so, there it is.     rather than listening to me babble on and on about how cool WRLD.time is, i recommend that you watch the applet for a while, or navigate a little deeper into the nitty gritty with one of these links.
  A    A  
  |    "  
  |    +=+
  |      "
measure  "
beat  ===+
HTML & Java Implementation (c)1998, Lookit the Cat Productions
WRLD.time Conceived (and (c)1998) by jonathan jay

This Metric Time Web Ring site is owned by
jonathan jay.

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