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Lookit Explains Everything
I hope you're not frightened too badly. If so, I've made an attempt to justify in all the Nooks and Crannies that I could find.


Useless Stuff
New and Amazing Toys that magically appear on this site, mindlessly crafted to enthrall the throngs of Internet Goofballs who overpopulate their hard drives.


Tell You a Story
Though I can craft text strong enough to knock buzzards off a Shitwagon, I rarely seem to expound at any great length. Now you can find out why through direct experience!


Now you too can plunge deep into only somewhat-chartered territory and brave the Hellish Throes of our Virtual Cybersphere.


Me !
Hidden within the path structure, there's also my Contact Page.


As other things occur to me, I'll add them to this page.
Expect it to be in flux for as long as I continue to exist as a virtual entity.

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