Axe in Head.  Ouch. Stimulus/Response Pages

Okay, like,.the entire idea behind the Stimulus/Response pages is that you (heehe), uh, (snrk) like, go to one of these pages and then you look at the (fnnt) (heehe), images and click on them and (teehee) (snrk) you'll sit and wait for a little while as little packets of (hee) data, like, rush around Ma Bell's guts and you'll hear (gnnf) whatever sound is associated with that image. Got it? (Hee) isn't it, like, the most technologically innovative little twist on comics you've (heehee) ever fucking seen?!!

The Box

The Other Box

Aww, ya just gotta try it! Just (snrk) once!! Just one little one.

(c)1995, Lookit the Cat Productions
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