lookit explains
the senseless existence of critturs

* old design dislaimer
    They're Critturs! Critturs! Stuff 'em in a box!
Take 'em out, those Crittur things, and toast 'em up with lox!

They originated in my 9th grade math class, where my teacher, mr. uh... Whatsisname, hated them. Now, you too can hate them, almost as much as old Whatsisface did. I carved 'em up in the university newspaper for a couple of years and got some practice (translation: I'm self-trained. Does it show?) Eventually, I did enough Critturs to fill (very densely) a comic book, which sold just short of zero copies. Now, thanks to the amazing world of scanners and point-and-click interfaces, they can squeeze their little way into your home too! Think of all the money you've saved by accessing them using this new, clean, hellishly-fragile technology. Think of the tree pulp you saved! You're a regular hero! Have a snack!

Everything's in black and white here, because my math papers and university newspaper were in black and white, so I never learned to utilize color. As it turns out, this reduces image sizes by a factor of about 6. Or 8, maybe. I'm not sure; I just work here. And just to show you that I love to nitpick, I've even interlaced them and made them transparent. This should improve your viewing pleasure a little bit.

Since I'm so much older and wiser (and tired out) than I was back then, the new Critturs just aren't flowing like they used to, so I'm just pickin' through the old stuff. If new stuff manifests itself, and it's work the effort of reading it, I'll put it up here. For instance, there's the Critturs Cursor Set for Windows 95, which is a rather useless and platform-specific project of late. In the meanwhile, it's Critturs as usual around here.

If you still don't understand, which isn't unheard of around here, seek further. They're so damn strange, I even explained them twice.


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