This page is dedicated to the memory of Monte Donaldson, a dear friend and fellow Ambient DJ who spun under the name DJ EEG.
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Monte and his fiancee, Colleen Whorley, died in the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 on January 31st, 2000.   They were returning home from a 2 week vacation in Mexico.   As I am sure can be said for any of us who knew the victims of the crash, I sorely regret never having had the opportunity to truly say good-bye.
Monte and I had been friends for nearly six years.   I first met him while he spun in the chill room at a warehouse party some time in the summer of 1993.   Over the din of muted beats from the main floor, I heard the lovely wash of Dreamfish coming from the speakers.   He had it on vinyl, I had it on CD, and our shared interests branched onward from there.
The details of our friendship are vast and innumerable, and I cannot hope to convey their impact upon me as a person.   As with all personal experience, they are interwoven into the progression of my form as a whole.   With little exception, I can say that his impact upon my the last 8 years of my life was greater than any other.
I am writing this a year to the day following his death.   Many others with a stronger bridle on their emotions have already said more than I ever could.
The loss of Monte Donaldson was as unwarranted and unfair as any could have been.   There are people on this earth which have an overwhelming potential to enrich the lives of others.   Monte was such a person, and my life, the lives of his family and friends, the lives of his ever-growing audience, and the lives of countless others who never had a chance to know him have been left all the more empty by his passing.

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