This page features information relating to drowsy?, an Ambient Music night that was held in Seattle during the Autumn and early Winter of 1994.

Pardon me... I've kept the verbiage of the page in the present tense.
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drowsy? features me (in my 00#| guise), a Master of Silence named Matt Corwine, the ever-present EEG. At various times, such local favorites as diazepam, lux and brown'n'serve will dim your Inner Lights with Amazing Grace and Subtlety.

Music that will be played will be of the Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Skylab variety -- lazy jazz, floating dub, and vibrant tones that are 100% intended to wind you down after a long weekend of Wanton and Reckless Abandon.

This Lovely Event takes place every Sunday at Lux (2226 First Ave in Belltown) from 8pm until whenever they make us go home. Warm tea, strange artwork and comfy couches are available for use by our Most Languid Patrons, but seating is limited.

As time goes by, sound and images are added to this document; a Sleep Chronicle, if you may. Tempting, mmm? Bookmark me!

Hope to see you there.


Here be some of the high points of our shows (because I DAT them, silly me). I pick transitions between songs, so I don't always get the beats.

These files are 44100/8bit MPEGs compressed at 64/sample. If you don't have MPEG tools, look here. I've compromised a bitsy on the audio quality to reduce transfer time (because I've got a 14400 modem, stupid me). Most are 45 seconds or longer, but for your mental estimates, 350K is about 40 seconds.

00#| Matt Guest(s)
Now... long dead and gone, i'm afraid. other folks keep starting their own nights though...
Dec 31 no drowsy?
lux closed!
drunken tomfoolery!
Dec 24 no drowsy?
lux closed!
Dec 17 371K
  236K carlos brings the occasional beat to the evening tranquility.
Dec 10 no drowsy?
Dec 03   408K
brown'n'serve washes through, fresh as a mountain stream.
Nov 26 375K 385K 422K
lux shows us he is just short of godliness
Nov 19 403K
380K 411K 4 Stages of Goodness from eeg, matt and i.
Nov 12 371K 382K 413K brian lyons cancelled. a toasty room with me, eeg, and matt's DAT.
Nov 05 390K 377K   lux got stomach flu. sigh. matt trips them out and i put out the lights.
Oct 29 366K   374K
eeg and donald did dark dub, frightening many people
Oct 22 374K   397K brown'n'serve did happy, happy stuff after Lisa Gerard
Oct 15 356K
343K   lux is still sick from before. short bursts by matt & i
Oct 08 356K 388K   brown'n'serve's friend broke his foot, thus me & matt again.
Oct 01 303K
319K 372K eeg showed up. he's a sweetie.
Sep 24 80K
  lux got sick, so it was just me & matt


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