nw sleep guide is a tiny little ambient 'zine produced and published by EEG and I here in Seattle. It deals with Music on a global scale, but as far as DJs and Places goes, it's pretty local. Each issue is thick with reviews, info and humor (all on the lighter side).
nw sleep guide
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In the interest of saving space on our server here, I've providing each issue as a gzipped tar file. The pages themselves are in PostScript, so they're a little heavy on the diskspace but 100% accurate. Don't worry...it's a black'n'white publication, so even the cheeziest of laser printers will do a decent job in reproducing the content. Assembly instructions are also included so that you too can view our hardcopied pamplet in its intended form.

Any suggestions or submissions or anything? Just send 'em to me.

A Benefit: tidiness is next to godliness is next to nw sleep guide
The on-line invite to a benefit party
which helped to fund the 'zine.

Issue 5
Issue 5: Quiet Power
Zen imagery,
a time-proven cookie recipe,
loads and loads of reviews & quick lists!

3 pages, 5.0Mb download

Issue 4
Issue 4: Cartoons of Childhood
more Charles Shultze assets than you can stand,
lots of Seattle folks with strong, calm opinions,
lovely ambient music e-mail filler

4 pages, 2.2Mb download

Issue 3
Issue 3: Beds & Aliens
both beds and aliens. both!
bitzies by mr. thaemlitz and mr. eno,
the beauty of Times New Roman,
dissertation on the Mbira,
cheezy poster

8 pages, 2.9Mb download

Issue 2
Issue 2: Wee Folk
elves & earthy imagery,
album reviews a-go-go,
can you... spot the sloth?

4 pages, 2.9M download

Issue 1
Issue 1: Naturally Caffeine Free
our first issue!
fun with mickey mouse,
top 10 (+/- 5) lists,
a note from eddie

2 pages, 1.0M download



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