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a mbience
for the     m asses
a mbience
for the     m asses
The Ambient Music Archive of all the music that  I  love so very much.   It's brimming over with more than enough sound, graphics and textual information to satisfy your multimedian lusts.  
(Or at least I could say so in the mid 90's.)
What the Masses are Seeking
A live Internet sleepy-time audio stream. It broadcasts 24 / 7 / 365, plus all the applicable leap year hours in-between. Many of the albums on this site are extenstively featured, as well as other wonderful music from albums not listed herein.
The two basic ways to navigate this archive. Alphabetical listings, whose width and breadth demonstrate just how much music in this obscure genre is really out there, just waiting for your curious ears.
An attempt to categorize this vastness of on-line beauty.  
I chose a few pigeon-holes, and tried to stuff everything into them.
My way of referring to the great classic albums of this genre. Based up on what music I've been able to hear, of course. There's so much more out there to hear. And whenever I find an album that reaches those peaks of bliss, it is summarily annointed into this page.
The most recent additions to the site. These albums could be years and years old, or fresh off the presses. But they're new to me, and as such the world must now be told about them. And that now is you reading this.
A cute little CGI script that randomly picks an audio sample for you. It is ancient, and it still serves its intended purpose. eg. to respond to a user's HTTP request in a fun yet sedate fashion.
Echoes from the Past
A tribute to an Ambient DJ now passed beyond the veil. I ment Monte in Seattle in 1993, and he became my close confidante in Ambience. So much amazing music, and such good good friends to spend it with. The world is more hollow a place with his loss.
A page which describes many of my tape, CD and archived stream efforts. Over the many years, I've had the pleasure to have my mixes recorded in a variety of media. Currently, I play these recordings exclusively on my free Live Broadcast. But at one time, I offered them to folks here from the site.
A little Ambient periodical that was distribtued in the Seattle area in the late 1990's. DJ EEG and I gathered the most wisest Ambient minds together and cajoled them into writing reviews of their favorite pieces du jour. Four issues were published, and there was a fifth that never made it to press.
The archives of a weekly Ambient event that I put on back in the late 1990's in the Lux Bar. Ah, those carefree days of yore, when hauling a pair of speakers, turntables, amps and cordage every week into the downtown was a joy and privelege. Hah. Whew. It's been a while. But those, those were some halcyon days.
AftM 1.0 was released in January 1995.   At the time, the Internet was a growing child, and there wasn't much Ambience information out there. So I made my best attempt to explain what it was for the better educationment of my viewing audience. How informative it has been I have no idea.  
AftM 1.2 was released in June 2006.   It was the time of Web 2.0, when blogs and RSS feeds ran free in the vast cyber noosphere. The Internet is no longer for publishing, but for collaboration, and single-perspective document-driven archive are soooo passe. So an explanation must be left for why I did what I did when I did what I'd done.
Back in the day, when the Internet was young, pages of links to other sites were a crucial way to inform the public of the best sh*t around. Yahoo was young, and tagging / rating / voting compendium sites had not yet appeared upon the landscape. So it was up to us brave pioneers to point each other out.
Most Recent Statistics
last updated : 02022-06-12
... 771 albums
... 312 of them classics
... and 0 of them and in the Sack
NOTE: these site pages are generated from a MySQL / Hibernate / Spring / JSTL stack. However they are not served live, in deference to the site running on a tiny multi-hosted server in The Cloud. Rather, they are churned and uploaded. An excessive and obtuse solution, but one that fulfills the needs of today.
Please enjoy your stay at Ambience for the Masses.
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