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A rough categorization of the Albums on this site.   Oh, there are so very many ways to skin the Ambient cat.
Sonic Rythyms...   Albums which could be pigeonholed as Ambient/Techno or Ambient/Trance or Ambient/Pop, or whatever.. you know the terms. Regardless, they all manage to maintain their percussive and ambient natures, yet weave them together as a luxurious whole. I put them on when I need a good reason to stay awake. Hey, I'm not some kind of Sloth, you know. I do have a pulse.
Sonic Moodiness...   Albums which are sort gothic, sorta creepy, or sometimes just spiritual and sombre. Not that they actually get you all depressed or anything, it's just that the sometimes can suck the light out of a room. Thus, they're the perfect thing for the rare sunny Seattle day.
Sonic Paganism...   Albums which somehow embody a form of life on this planet, whether in an animal, vegetable or spiritual sense. They have the interesting side-effect of entuning one's body/mind to organic energy forces, and usually invoke an emotional response of one form or another. When I'm depressed, they make me happy, and when I'm happy, they... well, I stay happy...
Sonic Coolness...   There's not much more to say about these Albums other than "They're cool." Uh, and of course they're Ambient too. I'd say more, but I lack the "hip" terminology to continue.
Sonic Escapsim...   Albums which unfold a unique spacial environment, particularly ones into which the listener can be drawn and enveloped, often without the listener's knowledge. They are particularly good for invoking mood shifts, consciously or unconsciously. I'll put one on when i need to be somewhere else.
Albums I can't really classify...   In one way or another, these Albums have a high degree of internal cohesion, as if they have absorbed the artist's state of mind. Other than their unclassifiability, they're not really related to each other at all. Yet I had to put them somewhere!
Sonic Sluishyness...   Albums which have that characteristic slow-beat, deep-bass echo-y sort of stuff I've come to know and love. Still, I'm just wrapping my head around the 'true' Dub thing here, so I'm not 100% sure that I know what I'm doing. Fortunately, it's not like life isn't a big guessing game as it is. I put them on when I want to get really, really laid back and smiley.
Sonic Gaseousness...   Albums which are very insubstantial, almost to a point of nonexistance, yet variant in a subtle and enticing way. They are soothing and sleep-inducing, and are best heard through headphones or stereo systems with good bass response. The average person only needs one or two of these in their collection; being somewhat dysfunctional, I need a whole sh*tload of them.
Sonic Loveliness...   Albums which just make ya smile, smile, smile, often to a point where you realize that less-happy people are staring at you. Don't pay them any mind; just wink and try to convey your joy in the most open and direct way possible. I believe that any Album that can make my eyes shine should be treasured.
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