Hello. Welcome to my Mixes of Etheric Love.

Anyway. I used to spin live ambience during my show at Groovetech.com back in Seattle. I also made a series of short mixes which accompanied a series of Cable TV shows that I put together. And then there's my slowly growing archive of mix tapes -- such an archaic term, 'tapes' -- that I've fashioned over the years.

These recordings are now broadcast on my live radio stream. For various reasons, they may no longer be downloaded or heard on-demand. And rather than make individual copies, I now transmit them to the whole world for free.
Mixes of Etheric Love

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There's some live stuff that I mixed during my weekly show at Groovetech. I had the honor to play every Sunday from 12p - 2p Pacific Time for a while back in 1999, and intermittently on their site since 1996-ish. Since then, they've closed shop... a great loss.
If I thought to do so, I used to ask them to archive the set (includes video), and I'd always snag a copy on DAT that I can upload later as streaming audio (and a better compression rate).
(o) live 02/13/00
live 09/19/99
live 08/15/99
Groovetech Archive
Groovetech Archive
Groovetech Archive
With the loss of their business -- > snif < -- came the loss of their site, and sadly the loss of their archives, so these files are no longer accessible.
I still play a few of these, on rare occasions, on my 24/7 MPEG stream, Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast.
But I really miss the opportunity to just play for people, live. Perhaps I'll get back into that practice once I'm transmitting from home. Every Sunday night would be nice. Hmm... sounds tempting!

Below are a set of short mixes that I made back in, oh, I don't know... 1997? I burned a few onto disc for a couple of friends back then, but I never really made a mass release of them.
(o) These were soundtracks to my Public Access show up here in Seattle, which only ran for 6 months. The show consisted of 30 minutes of ambient music below a still video shot of a scene which had some heavy serenity to it. Pretty much just an excuse to get quiet music on television. This included such images as a spiderweb in the wind and leaves rustling on a tree by a path.
  Tribe was played while a gorgeous sun set over mountains behind the city.
  Cat was played during while my cat sleeped on my bed. He moved, once.
  Waterfall was played as Snoqualmie Falls came splashing down.
  Web was played to the motions of that spider web I mentioned.
  Inlet was played to the deep rippling of a polite island cove.
All the rest are new additions to the group, trying to overshadow their older brethren.

Drizzle: drops between the Leaves
environments, stars of the lid, brook & eno, windy & carl, suns of arqa, rapoon, e a r, thomas koner, a small good thing, shaikh & floyd, wind

A nice gentle rainstorm, with gusts of processed guitar. Drama vs. Solitude in a quaint little opera of defensive patterns and loops. 28 more minutes of your day.

28:18    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
Tribe: the Marvels of Spider Grandmother
hopi indian, i.f., john hassell, richard kirk, clock dva, dr. fiorella terenzi, keith leblanc

Interesting pseudo-tribal music overlayed by a Hopi Indian story (which is told by a white man, I'm afraid). This one's a little on the uppity side for me, but it makes a very good driving tape.

27:20    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
Cat: asleep at the Wheel of Life
harold budd, brian eno, michael brook, environments.

Piano over insects and birds, which is the way that Jonesie likes it best. I made this one when he was crashed out on my bed. Whenever I play this mix, he'll come into the room and just sack out somewhere. I have a damn cool cat.

28:00    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
Waterfall: gravity well = Mother's Womb
rykodisc, voices of the rainforest, muslimgauze, vasilisk, jeff greinke, sub sub, mickey hart, o yuki conjugate

A nice little private beach, surrounded by trees. Water lapping gingerly onto the shore, leaves turning and sparking in the sun. Birds, and a low hum of insects. A place where you'd want to stay from dawn to dusk.

26:30    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
Inlet: the Tide in Land's Embrace
anonymous 4, libana, mozart & franklin, philip pickett, hildegard von bingen

Some ambitious little spider left a web hanging outside on my porch. With morning dew and gentle gusts, it became a living sculpture. The sort of thing you'd stare at for hours upon end.

28:08    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
Web: Cool Air and Shimmering Silk
b so global, miasma, der spyra, michael brook, durutti column, pete namlook

Beautiful day, sun on river flowing through rocks, barefoot, balancing. Sweet ethnicity slathered on top of running water and a lone companion. Made for when we don't have animals anymore.

28:41    :Listen
RealAudio 3.0           
Dual ISDN Stereo [32000KHz-Stereo]           
For a while, Hyperreal had itself a RealAudio server, where I put them in the hope of fluffing up the global beauty that is the Internet. But oh... that was then...
Fortunately... I have the privelege to play them, now and then, on my 24/7 MPEG stream, Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast. As always, please let me know what you think!.


Whee! My mixes tapes!

I just seem to keep makin' em... once I think of something that I really need to hear, and have the time to put it together. Where applicable, I've provided the actual text-happy cover of each on a separate page so that you can peruse it graphically. For those poor Lynx users, I've also provided a very brief (yet facetious) text description.

(o) These are some of the longer ones -- each between 65 and 73 minutes long -- which I made for CD. I don't actually have to adhere to an arbitrary length anymore (thanks to compression), but I'm sorta comfortable with the hour-plus medium.
* #002A
lachrimae ...a 2-disc fusion of the most melancholy guitar tracks that i'd heard over the years.
* #001 a symbol of your desire to fall asleep ...a little sleepy-time hypnosis'n'piano followd by things you'll sleep through
These -- my early ones -- were actually distributed on magnetic tape, if you can believe that. I distributed them to smiling faces and poor unsuspecting folk indiscriminately. Double-sided, each is at least 90 minutes (some are 100) which I put on chrome tapes mastered mastered off a DAT, so they sounded pretty awesome.
* # 1 time flowing like cool water ...environmental noises with deep sweetening
* # 2 AFX Supreme ...a trip to the moon and back featuring this album
* # 3 the piano as a path to the soul ...a pair of rituals, one with pattern and one without
* # 4 headspace ...soft and meditaional stuff for heaven and below
* # 6 morpheus trap ...lethally sedate. listener shouldn't expect to move during playtime.
* # 8 xmodem 1-k ...experiments with beats and other irregularity
* # 9 preparing the spirit ...structured darkness to lull the mind
* # 10 my Funky Monkey Baby ...jazz lounge on one side, smooth zonk on the other
* # 11 ...but they are only the Masters of Outer Darkness ...dub, highly unintellectual, lumbering and thick with panache.
* # 12 aboard the Nautilus ...very wet and rhythmic, with immaculate structure and aqueous form.
Lately I make my mixes primarily for transmission on my 24/7 MPEG stream, Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast.


Now... a little history.

There was a time when this page used to feature a lot of streaming audio and the like. However, I no longer have a provider who is willing to risk streaming them, given all the RIAA hooplah and the like. You can understand. So, this page doesn't serve up audio on-demand anymore.

And for the same reason as above -- us web audio sponsors are all a little paranoid, you know -- I don't honor requests to provide CDs or MP3s anymore. Sorry, Tennessee, and everywhere else.

Fortunately ... a lot of this stuff is featured on my 24/7 MPEG stream, Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast. So my mixes are still out there, and everyone can get to them, and it's free. Just like you like it, mmm hmm. The only drawback is that you don't know when the mixes are going to be played.

You know, I've noticed that 'honor requests' is a really snooty coin of phrase. Hope I think up a better one some day.

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