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2350 Broadway
by   Peter Namlook and Tetsu Inoue
Vision of Pulse
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Hands of Light
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2350 Broadway
The copy of this album that I have is a re-issue... it was originally pressed on FAX. Didn't pick it up when it first came out... was tempted, but didn't; I was an idiot. Diazepam's had this since the very beginning, and only recently borrowed it. Listened to it on several flights from Seattle to West Palm Beach, particularly the second disk. Having previously heard numbers 2 and 3, it shows that mr.s Namlook & Inoue were still getting used to each other. But it is so pleasant, and so delicately elusive, that is's just an over-the-top winner. Much gratitude to World for re-pressing this album; copies are still available somewhere in the universe.
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