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By Bus take either the #6 or the #359 bus out of downtown North toward Greenlake. Their main street through town is 3rd Ave, then they head up Aurora Ave (99). They both go over the canal, and the #6 turns off at 38th and makes a shitload of stops, then goes around the lake and goes under a bridge beneath Aurora Ave. The #359 just keeps going up past the zoo, then turns off Aurora to go under the same bridge.

The street they end up on runs parallel to 99, past a dilapidated car repair shop. It takes a straightaway, then curves back down to Aurora and turns at the light. Ring the bell at the light and get off at the corner next to PCC. You're at the intersection of Aurora and Winona. Cross the street to Aurora Cycle.

The street the bus came down curves off South to the left. There's a small street going up to the right... that's 73rd. Walk up 73rd to the corner... that's Linden. There's a brick apartment building on the opposite corner, facing the lake. We're in the top corner apartment, #11... look for the neon disc. Buzz us at the door.  
By Astral locate the Plane of Earth. The world rotates from East to West, and its polar axis goes North to South, from the smaller icecap to the larger. Locate Seattle... a large human population center located on the loudest continent, positioned on the Northwest coast above a volcano range, bound to the East by a tall thin lake and to the West by an ocean tributary. Find the main city center, which contains the largest inert constructions in the region. There is an animal containment center not far to the North, bound to the East by a poisonous asphalt stretch.

Nearby, the asphalt stetch makes and S-shaped turn, and intersects with another thinner stretch going East to West and curling to the South. A short distance to the West of the intersection is a building made of brick. The rest will appear obvious.  
By Car take Aurora Ave (99) toward Greenlake.

Going North from the city, you'll go over the canal and pass the zoo. There'll be a little curviness, then you come to an intersection. There's a 7-11 on the right corner, and going clockwise, there's Beth's Cafe, Aurora Cycle and PCC. You're at Winona.

Going South from the total boonies, you'll go past Larry's Market and the Oak Tree Cinemas, then go down past 80th to Winona. Same stuff on the corners, just different ones.

Turn onto Winona going West (away from the lake). Immediately to your right beyond Aurora Cycle is a street going upward. That's 73rd... turn upwards. The first intersection is Linden. There's a brick apartment building on the opposite corner, facing the lake. We're in the top corner apartment, #11... look for the neon disc. Buzz us at the door.  
By the Way, if this is too hard to read, feel free to call 206 784 5894 for an equallly baffling verbal explanation. Or I can reply with some more nonsense from dfoley @ sleepbot.com.  

Here's the on-going FAQ ...  
Diazepam !
>take off for a trip this month. Although, I'd really like to show up at
>the Sleep Guide Benefit, what exactly will we be doing ? Are there still
>more copies to be assembled ? Can we bring music to play ? Drugs to
>comsume ? Snacks to nibble on ? Let me know if you need any help.

whatever.  not yet.  please do!  please do!  please do!  might take you up
on that.
Kimberley !
>wow, this is great! i will definitely come. how private is it?
>i.e. can i bring a bunch of friends, put it on my events page, etc?
>or are you keeping it small?

uh, it is reasonably private...  it was pretty much a personal invitation.

you and a friend at the most please, because it's our first experiment with
a benefit like this and we're keeping it low key.  we're going for a very
intimate & personable atmosphere... not to mention the fact that we don't
have a million square feet to fit a big crowd into.

yeah... please don't spread the word far & wide.  if it goes off well, i'm
sure there'll be another where we'll be better prepared for a larger number
of folks.

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