Okay, here's more than you wanted to know about the Plagarized Promo Art of drowsy?...
* old design dislaimer
Uh, I, uh... I used it without permission.

I have sinned in the face of God an all his little harp-playing Minions of Joy.

O, great Megalithic Corporation, please forgive me this toadying as I beat my chest in your most Copyrighted Name. Take pity upon this most Pious and Petulant Bonehead for his Greivous Crimes of Plagarism.

Flyer #2

... incorporates a background image purloined from A Collaboration with Nature, an amazing book of composition and photography. The artist in question is named Andrew Goldsworthy, who produces sculpture from sticks, leaves, rocks and ice and then takes a lovely picture.

I originally saw the book when it was being given as a christmas gifts from one of my friends to her mother, and I had to track it down. Last year I sent it to my stepmother for christmas (no... I like my stepmother). It's an absolutely beautiful piece of work, and I strongly recommend you give it a browse.
Flyer #1

... incorporates a background image filched from Warlock 5, a very well-drawn comic book from way back when. The artwork in the series is done by an airbrush artist named Dennis Beauvais, and the plot & content were written by Gordon Derry. It featured five characters who shakingly maintained the Balance of the Universe. They were: (1) a cerebral Dragon-esque creature, (2) a megalomanic Terminator endoskeleton, (3) a nasty fucker with a Sword, (4) a Priestess with fantastical curves, and (5) a psychotic Punk Warrior Queen.

Overall, the plot was random & funky, the characters were tweaked, and the artwork got absolutely fabulous for a while. On the bad side however, it was printed on cheezy paper and sometimes the dialogue lowered itself to a similar level. But, hey... it was fat!

The Warlock 5 series got to 13 issues, then the creators had a big tussle with Aircel, their publisher. Thus, it died an anonymous death. Say "la vee".

The Flu Bugs

... run all the way home from the pages Strip AIDS, a collection of comics by modern artists sold to benefit (both financially and conceptually) victims of the virus. These poor run-of-the-mill flu germs are just having the bejeezus chased out of them by an immune response, before the SuperVirus comes along and freaks them out even more. No political statments implied here, just saying it as it is. I wish I could say more, though.

The creator of this little parasitic organisms is R.L. Crabb, and I know nothing at all about the man, unfortunately, other than the fact that he has an interesting way with the pen. Personally, I like the smily T-cells in hot pursuit, but it was the Halloween sticker, and I had to have something nasty to show for myself.
Putt Putt

... bounces happily out of a children's game for the PC called Putt Putt Goes to the Moon He's got the cutest li'l-boy voice, and I'm greatly amused by the game. I suspect this is directly linked to my exposure to Dr. Seuss at a young (hence, impressionable) age. Or maybe it was Sesame Street? Who can tell these days?

About 3 screens into the game, you get to the Fireworks Factory, and if you're half a man, you'll be stuck there for hours. Whee!! A second childhood with a 1MB footprint!

The game is put out by Humongous Entertainment, with whom I am in no way affiliated. This is what is called "armor-plating someone else's butt", just in case I cause someone irreparable psychological damage.

The Assasin

... drops from the comic book series Kief Llama, written and rendered by Matt Howarth and published by Fantagraphics (with whom I also am not associated in any way, shape, form, kind or flavor (except vanilla, but I like vanilla, and it's not my fault if they like it too, so get off my case, man)).

The series (now defunct) feature Kief, a young xenobiologist with chutzpah. It's somewhat of a departure from mr. Howarth's standard hyper-violent laugh-o-ramas, but it's chock full of the absolute best freakazoid aliens you'll ever see. He's also got a flair for neat stories and these goofy technological things, as you see to our far left.
Dusty and the Cormorant

... fly in from The Adventures of the Junior Carrot Patrol, written and rendered by Rick Geary. Our heroine and her four zany comrades (not including the bird) have just fallen off of an enormous floating 45RPM record as it careens over a waterfall. They were provided with this vehicle after having lost their fantatsic brass time machine. Believe me, it makes perfect sense when you read it.

Need I mention that I've never even met anyone from Dark Horse Comics who published the thing? Never ever ever. Not one. Heh, but I did hang out with one of their sisters... No. I'm lying. Please shoot me.

... is a mandala drawn by Courtney Davis, from the book aptly named Celtic Mandalas. If you don't know, that's pronounced "kel-TIK man-DAH-luhz". Not "sell-TICK MAN-duh-luhz". Say that with me once: "kel-TIK man-DAH-luhz", not "sell-TICK MAN-duh-luhz".

Mandalas are round. "ROWndh". Say it with me now: "ROWndh". This one happens to be black-and-white.line art -- how convenient.

Mandalas look real cool too, and decent ones contain some form of symbolic message or something. You know, something important, worthwhile, something of cosmic significance. You do know how to say "significance", don't you?
The Ace of Hearts

... tunes in from the book The Game of Life, written by Timothy Leary (who, by the way, is in no way affiliated with Rick Geary). I have not actually read this book, I've just looked at the pictures. Well, I've scanned some sentences too, such as "THE CARD STRENGTH IS YOUR SERIOUS LITTLE GIRL-SCOUT BRAIN READY TO COMPETE FOR MERIT BADGES" and "BRAIN-TALK IS FLICK FAST ELECTRONIC PING-PONG". Short of that, it's still pending.

mr. Heart here is actually drawn by Peter von Sholly, and I must apologize to the artist even moreso because I had to do some bitwise adjustment to make mr. Heart more socially, uh, acceptable. Hint: both of the edited items were much longer than they were wide, and both could smoke like the dickens.


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