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last updated January 14, 2001
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  W e l c o m e
please enjoy yourself.    we feature a variety of torrid beats.
Live Efforts
fresh stuff. made either live on the internet, or while sitting around the homestead. if i like what i hear, i post it. no backspace key, though.
more refined stuff. when i like what i hear, sometimes i run it through a few spin cyles. more deliberate stuff, and higher technical quality.
True Mixes
the right stuff. prototypes evolve into these, the True, mixes. they're exactly what i wanted... the finished product. hopefully, for the ages.
audio streams arrive regularly.    your aural tourism is always welcome here.
for something quieter, sleepbot.com also features
Ambience for the Masses
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More musical entertainment available at Hyperreal.

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Root Sleepbot Constructs
...a repository of other things that aren't specialized in torrid beats.