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Ahh, yes.
I would venture to say that it is traditional for content-driven sites -- such as AftM -- to reference one other.   One might say that this custom goes back a long ways, and is deeply rooted in our on-line heritage.   It promotes fellowship, and perpetuates the free-flow of information.  
Of course, I must first recommend my hosting site, Hyperreal.   AftM has happy resided here for a long long time.   Thanks to Brian and Mike for all their assistance through the years, and for the many years to come.  
The information here is current as of June 2006, which is a nice step upwards from the last 'current as' for this page, which was September 1997.   Pretty sure I'll update it occasionally, but I probably won't go through a big 'link-is-still-valid' test process (like I did before I re-launched).   It can be hard to keep up with the perpetual ephemeralness of the web.
Let me first recommend the following sites:
EPSILON: The Ambient Music Information Archive 
Another launching pad for the music.   It is also hosted on Hyperreal and probably for about the same length of time as AftM, if not longer.
:: dub beautiful collective :: 
Maer's project.   He brings a lot of nice people around town, and runs some great radio stations.
A great compendium site for artists and bands and the like.
the ambience of nothing 
A fellow 'zine that I've linked to for many many years.
A great net-label, which covers the ground from minimal Techno to House to some beautifully inspired 'library' music that I play on my station.
Mixing of Particulate Solids Radio3 
A fantastic online station from [Bratislava/Slovakia].   When I want to figure out what I'm still missing from my collection, I listen here.
the.zzzone - last 100 songs played 
A very nice radio stream, featuring a nice assortment of mellowness and melody.
Also, here are some page on my site for artists or collectives which I find particularly worth of referencing.   Each page should offer other links, which I hope are still valid!   (Please let  me  know if they aren't).
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