Windows Media makes for a fine Audio Player, once you have jumped through a few special hoops.

If You Have It Installed


The standard Listen link should work right out-of-the-box.

If not, click this Windows Media Listen link. It outputs a specific playlist format that Windows Media prefers.

The Hard Way

First of all, you need to reveal the File menu;

Then, from the File Menu, choose Open URL…. Power-users can press [Ctrl-U] (⌃U).

You’ll get a pop-up dialog. Then right-click on and copy the following Listen link:

Paste it into the input field, and click OK. The stream will play.


It’s available for Windows only, and it comes pre-installed with the OS. Microsoft would clearly prefer that you used it.

You can also download the Installer.

The following is Archival Content

I originally wrote these instructions for version 9.x. That was a turning-point in maturity for the Application, and has been S-E-B-stable ever since.

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