Honestly, this page is just kept around on a lark. I hadn’t used RealPlayer in years. Then I decided to update this Setup Manual, and discovered …

Yeah, in 2021, it still worked.

If You Have It Installed

Congratulations. You’re a trooper.

Click this RealMedia Listen link. It outputs a specific playlist format that RealPlayer prefers.

The Hard Way

From the File Menu, choose Open…. Power-users can press [Ctrl-O] (⌃O).

You’ll get a pop-up dialog. Then right-click on and copy the following Listen link:


Paste it into the input field, and click OK. The stream will play.


It’s available for Windows only.

And for me, it just worked.

The following is Archival Content

For a while there, Real Networks was doing a good job keeping afloat with their Rhapsody service, and their player was good. It would play the S E B stream just fine, though there had been issues in the past.

And then … they just kind of fell off the map. I have no idea what their platform play would be at this point. Yet clearly, they maintain a “modern” RealPlayer binary.

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