iTunes makes for a fine (though somewhat heavyweight) Audio Player.

If You Have It Installed


The standard Listen link should work right out-of-the-box.

Generally speaking, iTunes will automatically play an M3U playlist file. If it doesn’t, there are other Listen links which may be more suitable for setting up iTunes.

The Hard Way

From the File Menu, choose Open Stream URL…. Power-users can press

You’ll get a pop-up dialog. Then right-click on and copy the following Listen link:

Paste it into the input field, and click OK. The stream will play, and it will be added to the Songs list in your Library.


Download the proper Installer for your OS.

On Windows

Browser clicks should be easy-peasy as long you keep this checkbox checked during installation;

Otherwise, you may need to do things The Hard Way.

On macOS

This is the preferred player for macOS. Conveniently enough, it comes pre-installed. Imagine that.

I originally tested this out using iTunes 7.5.x * Archival . The macOS Application is now called Music, which at the time you read this is either what it’s currenly called, or what it used to be called years ago.

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