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* old design dislaimer
    Herein, Lookit Goes Into Nauseating Detail Regarding the Following: Explanations of various degrees also exist for:      
Herein, Lookit Describes the Explanation and Himself, in a Very Brief Manner:
        First, that isn't my drawing up there; it was done by Charles Uzzell-Edwards. It'd be hard to explain... even here.

Second, I'm not going to talk about myself in this page... There's plenty'o'dirt on me in here.
Herein, Lookit Describes the General Nature of this Project:
        ...agreed anyone considers this a project or not.

Anyway, please don't let me intimidate you, I just have a strange attitude thicker than a baby's arm. So, relax, and I'll lay out some textual grooves...
  • i hate capitalization, but it improves readability, so i do it when i have to. On this page, I have to.
  • The content of the Root of All Things Lookit contains the word 'I' a lot This has been done intentionally, given that what you'll find here is intended to be factual, but is still 100% subjective information (via my brain). The views herein do not reflect anyone else's but mine, and it's really not 'self-wanking', as it has been called by one of my critics. Please allow me a little leeway as far as my writing style goes. If you'd like, don't think of it as me pounding my chest; think of it as me spilling my guts.
  • In moving all my stuff over to Hyperreal, I upgraded all my pages to HTML 3.2 display format. I've got <FRAME>s and <TABLE>s and all this other fun crap, and a smattering of JavaScript here and there (but not in anyplace where it jeapordizes functionality).

    Unfortunately, this may leave the poor Mosaic and Lynx people out in the cold. Unless I've avoided implementing the <NOFRAMES> block in a framed page, the content will be there for you... but I can't vouch for it's linearity... it's been tightly formatted for display purposes within funky HTML 3.2 directives.

    I've used browsers from both Netscape and Microsoft in my testing and learned some tricks to keep the look and feel identical across both. I'm preferential to Navigator myself, but I don't claim that it's "best browsed" with either. Apologies in advance to any WebTV or AOL user whose interfaces explode upon viewing my content.

    Eventually, when Dynamic HTML and <LAYER>s become the standard, things will gradually evolve that way as well. Yep, that's sleepbot constructs... riding that razor's edge between the alcohol pool of the Past and the salt pile of the Future.
  • I love pointers, and in this project I've gone absolutely bonkers with pointers. You'll see 'em all over the place. Fortunately, I have this little quirky standard that I adhere to...

    In general, if an image is a pointer but the corresponding words aren't (most of my higher-level pages have one of these in the header) it'll send you an Audio File (more about which I'll mention in a moment).

    If a word is hilighted, its a pointer, and it'll take you somewhere else. Sometimes to one of my pages. Sometimes to someone else's pages. It all depends.

    Trust me: it's consistent, and it all makes sense to me. You'll soon realize that's not much to say. So, take a chance and click. What could possibly happen?
  • If you show up here some day, clicking around, and something isn't just right, feel free to let me know. I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism or bug reports, because this project-thing is in continuous flux. I might be updating it when you drop by... who knows. Rest assured, as my Brain conceives of new and exciting hypertext projects, you will see more and more thrilling subsections appearing in the intro page.

    Alright, so they're not thrilling, and they don't change all that often. So forgive me, I'm in a rut; what I need is two brains, one for this and one for work. Actually, if I had another brain, would I want to walk around in it, or the one that I've got now? Would the other brain, which might be another me, want to be in my brain, which is me now, and agree that I should swap brains with me like that? Would the two of me trade off or something, like I go to work for a while, then I work on this thing for a while? What if I didn't like that idea that much and I got in a big heated argument with myself about it. I'd probably mess myself up real bad, probably by accident, and I'd probably never forgive myself. Thing's sometimes get real ugly around the sleepbot household, I'll tell you right now. Come to think of it, killing myself might become a reasonable alternative. I figure I'll just get it over with right now, before things I have to deal with twice as many arms.
  • -ahem- I have, on occasion, borrowed a little bit of visuals from... here or there. eh... without always asking their permission either. Sorry. However, I am in deep reverence of my sources' talent, and I wish to give all of them their due. Thus, please check the disclaimer subsection and my pointers for more information than you need about the artists and other sources of eye-popping mind-expansion units.
  • And please, remember... this whole things is just for fun, so please have fun. Please.

    Believe me, I'd have fun if I was in your shoes, Honey.

    Baby-doll Sugar-puss.
    Herein, Lookit Provides Soothement for Those Who Require Tools:
            All of my audio files on all of my pages are compressed into MPEG Level 2 Audio files, with the extension .MP2. Why? Because it's an absolutely wonderful standard. At my end, it does a 10-to-1 compression on my 16-bit 44100Khz Mono .WAV files This means that 15 seconds of audio (which takes up about 1M) ends up as a weensie li'l 100K file, something almost worth transferring on a whim, compressed with very acceptable loss of quality. Even if I sampled at 8-bit 11050Khz Mono and left it a .WAV, the file'd still be bigger, and suck dry wind (sonicly speaking). If you wanna test the audio quality, run a sample through a speaker that can handle low frequency.

    It just happens that a company called Xing makes an MPEG Audio player for Windows, and it's ShareWare (thank the Gods). If you want it, it's mpgaudio.zip: Xing MPEG (.MP2) audio player. If you're outside the United States, try to ftp it (hope it works... never tried it myself, being in the United States... not my fault). Put it somewhere, PKUNZIP it, and set up an icon in Windows.

    If you're using Netscape Navigator, go to Options|Preferences..., select Helper Applications, create a New Mime Type. Type = "audio", SubType = "x-mpeg". Choose Launch Application and Browse to XING_PLY.EXE. Then everything's OK. You're set to go. If not, make sure your browser saves .MP2s as a file so you can play it whenever you get around to it.

    Now, the Xing MP2 player is only available for Windows, but I've found that Hyperreal has collated a whole mess of MPEG Audio players for various platforms. That includes PCs running DOS / Win3.x or Win95, Macs, Amigas and various X-Windows workstations. I've linked you to the topmost area of the toolshed for each platform -- navigate down through Sound Tools and then MPEG Audio Tools -- or just maneuver around and look for fun toys of all varieties!!

    Uh... those clicks you hear at the beginning and end of the sample? Yeah, those. Annoying, aren't they! It's a by-product of the conversion utilities I use (waah)... I'll correct them wherever and whenever possible.

    If you're really serious about MPEG, there are also hardware boards that supports the MPEG Audio standard, but they cost mucho buckaroonies. My most sincere apologies if my pages are mute to you even given these options.

    Oh, and please don't send me e-mails asking me to upgrade to MPEG Level 3... I'd have to re-generate more than 750 samples across the entire site, and I'm not about to do that.
    Herein, Lookit Covers All Parts of his Ass Not Heretoforth Covered:
            Okay, okay, I was a bad boy. I used images and text from a few sources other than my own bio-cranial architecture. So sue me. ...no, i didn't really mean that... -pant pant-

    The following is a list of Really Cool Sourcebooks for just about any sort of thing, From witty witticism to clip art to goofy-ass shit in general, it's all here in finger-staining black & white:
    *   my first taste of the web from
       The Internet Starter Kit for Windows
       by Adam C. Engst, Corwin S. Low and Michael A. Simon
    *   strict rules and regulations from
       The Principia Discordia
       by Malaclypse the Younger
    *   most glorious space & earth photos from
       The Home Planet
       edited by Kevin W. Kelley
    *   the true scientific method followed from
       The Journal of Irreproducable Results
       edited by Dr. George H. Scherr
    *   images of natural art and sculpture from
       A Collaboration with Nature
       by Andrew Goldsworthy
    *   brain-twisting swaths of human intellect from
       Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief
       by Donna Kossy
    *   utilization of cybersyntax from
       The C Programming Language
       by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie
    *   coyote story mannerisms reflect mirthful readings from
       Giving Birth to Thunder, Sleeping with his Daughter
       by Barry Lopez
    *   psychoactive ravings & line-art from
       The Game of Life
       by Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
    *   a greater understanding of universe from
       by Richard P. Feynman
    *   endless inspiration & cartoonerism from
       Whack Your Porcupine
       by B. Kliban
    *   everything i don't believe in from
       The Illuminatus! Trilogy
       by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
    *   peace and 10 bulls from
       Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
       compiled by Paul Reps
    *   shits & giggles from
       It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
       compiled by Scott Rice
    *   subtle changes in chaotic behavior from
       Liber Null & Psychonaut
       by Peter J. Carroll
    *   a perspective of our place in the cosmos from
       The Mote in God's Eye
       by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
    *   a sense of the natural order from
       The Holographic Universe
       by Michael Talbot
            There's also some virtual places that are pretty neat, and you can check them out at your leisure.    


    HTML Implementation (c)1995, Lookit the Cat Productions

    Lookit The Root of All Innocence
    ...at which point you will be beyond the scope of this document, and anything mentioned aforehand may be completely null and void, or maybe not, or maybe so, but i wouldn't count on anything, even those things which you know to be true, which is nothing, though you really can't count on that either, but that's alright, because by the time you leave this document, you won't care, you'll just want to stop reading this.

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