... in the heart-pounding MASTER ROOM ...

Performing LIVE ** from LA's Basics Records
Rebirth featuring DJ Trance and Expando

Kue & Taizo & Lux & Masa & Trance BLAST*ING You with da FUNK*GUNS
Michael and Dervish simulcast on four Tables

... in the astounding EDDIE ROOM ...

and his Cast of Thousands

Lighting and Optical Effexx by Koshmeric @ Seer Media
Smart Bar by Liquid Love

PRE*SALE Tickets available at

Lux in Belltown
Funk You on da Hill
Exotique in Belltown
Orpheum on da Hill

Special Thanks to

john, phil, rita, lux, sleepbot, max, morgan & rick, edwin, mario,
sallange, brian, deee-lite, naf, the king, carlos, adrian & ben,
exotique, speedboat, keroppi, and the S*O*F*T kids
(ethany, alex, theresa, & sam) and other SUPA*FRIENDS

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