pitstop in August

August 5th
michael & dervish (Sea) of ATOI on 4 turntables
taizo (Japan)
August 12th
eric davenport of bassex records (LA)
kue (Sea)
August 19th
spun (San Jose)
sol (Sea)
August 26th
tyler "t-bone" stadius (Vancouver)
lux (Sea)

>> beginning august 5th >>

August 5th

Michael Manahan
45sec, 365K mpeg

Michael & Dervish
45sec, 303K mpeg

Opening night, busy as hell. The FreeSoul boys carry their nervousness with easy, and things float gently into a groove around 10p.

Taizo starts out the night, and he's hot. Crowd's a little thin, but very happy to stare at the visuals and rustle their groove things. Sorry, no recording of him, but there'll definitely be a next time. By about 11:30, things start to get sweet & heavy.

Michael Manahan takes over at 11:45 and keeps things on track, and lets Kevin get a little time on the tables as well (don't know much about him, more to come later). About 1:00, Dervish makes his entrance, entourage in tow, and he and Michael start the 4-table deal. It swings pretty damn hard, folks in a moist happy frenzy, percolating happiness abounds.

Things cruise at 140 until 2:30, and having fulfilled their mission, Michael & Dervish give Kevin another crack at it and he brings things to a funky stop. Happy people and FreeSoul boys with wide satisfied grins.

>> continuing to spin deep grooves >>
around a treacherous track

August 12th

45sec, 355K mpeg

45sec, 365K mpeg

Two featured DJs this time... notes are slightly more brief & scattered (preoccupied, i think).

Kue manifests himself at 10:15, after a little technical difficulty. He cranks and cranks, and people waver in a subtle frenzy, once again lost in the visuals. More humans filter in, and the feeling grows (as well it should). He keeps them moving until about 12:30, and then Eric Davenport gets his due.

A nice fruity trance gives way to goofy-ass acid house under Davenport's control, and the collective brain of the patrons clicks into high gear. Happy happy diverse people, sweet heat and trippy beat. The FreeSoul boys mingle with ease. Time slips by until 2:30, when technical difficulties arrive again and things stop.

We'll be back again in 164 hours.

>> continues to spin wax >>
hot enough to burn rubber

August 19th

45sec, 357K mpeg

45sec, 363K mpeg

Whee! Fast action down at Bogeys! Even more up-tempo and bouncy than usual!

We start out the night with Sol, a newcomer to the scene. She slaps down a platter of Latin House and Funk, oozing skill and confidence. Folks flitter and drift, the FreeSoul Boys lounge amid beers and grins. Hey, it's their party!

In due time, Spun and his freaky hairstyle make their presence known, and the pulse continues. Kinda more techno than house, but sorta some of each, kinda. If you're within hearing range, you're defintely dancing.

About two in the morning, things shudder as Spun shifts gears. Strangely enticing grooves for one last hour, and the brakes engage at 3a (bar time).

>> continues to break new records >>
for your listening pleasure

August 26th

45sec, 375K mpeg

Tyler "t-bone" Stadius
45sec, 422K mpeg

Another lazy summer night in the heart of Seattle. Well, not the heart... more like the pancreas. Well, anyway... The equipment's late, having spent the previous night camping out at the local waterfall, so things don't get set until around 10:45.

From the get-go, the FreeSoul boys (nervous as they are) are treated to an astounding soft trance set by Lux. Hoo-ee, can he sweeten the air! I think they should gild the rock they found him under.

After an liltingly intimate couple of hours, Tyler "t-bone" Stadius enters the building and carries on like a madman. More lickety-good beats and simmering happiness, non-stop. Pardon the high-end part of the sample; something didn't come across in the translation.

A few games of pinball later, the clock strikes 3 and we are out.

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