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Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Receiver Setup Manual
Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Receiver Setup Manual
If you're having trouble listening to the station, or don't know what audio player you need, hopefully this page will help a little.   Ultimately, I hope the setup and listening experience all go smoothly for you.
Setup on Windows
My preferred player for Windows is WinAmp.   It's a nice solid piece of software that's been stable for a long time.   MPEG Streams have been supported since version 2.5, and they're way way past that now.  
Those same folks also wrote the ShoutCast application, which I just happen to use for my transmitter.   These guys produced reliable stuff for a long time, so I'm happy to recommend it.   However I get the impression that all the original developers have departed the company since NullSoft was bought by AOL some time ago.   That's such old news now :) .  
Once installed, the following link should launch in WinAmp:  
If another player pops up, you can probably force WinAmp to be the default player.
Yep, i'd say this is the second-most preferred player in my book.  
I've described it down under the Mac setup section, cuz it's Apple software and all.
Windows Media Player
It comes pre-installed, or you can download it here.   It will aggressively keep itself up to date.   I wrote this up using version 9.x.  
The following link is specifically designed for Windows Media Player:  
However, it may launch in another player (such as WinAmp), but you can circumvent that.   From the File menu, choose Open URL..., or press [Ctrl-U].   You'll get a pop-up dialog.   Right-click on the link above, copy & paste it into the input field, then click OK.
Real Networks has done a good job keeping afloat with Rhapsody, and their player is good.   You can download it here, and it play the S E B stream just fine, though there have been issues in the past.   I haven't actually downloaded the latest version, but i set up this link for it a long time ago:  
It should automatically launch in the player, or you'll need to use their equivalent of 'Open URL' or 'Open Stream'.   [Ctrl-U] seems to be a standard keyboard shortcut for that.   Right-click on the link above, and copy & paste the link.
Setup on a Mac
Obviously, this is the preferred player for the Mac.   I tested this out using iTunes 7.5.x, which is somewhere between current and long obsolete by the time you read this.  
From the Advanced menu, choose Open Stream..., or press [Ctrl-U].   You'll get a pop-up dialog.   Then right-click on and copy the following link (which is slightly different than the others on this page):  
Paste it into the input field, and click OK.   The stream will play, and it will be added to your Library under Music.  
There we go.   Sorry that a manual process was required.   The folks at Apple aren't listing my station in their Radio section anymore.   I think I'm under their 100+ listener cap or something.   And they're busy guys, very hard to get ahold of even if you have connections.   You know how it goes.  
Yes, a few folks have asked, but I'm just not willing to do the pod-cast thing.   I really shouldn't provide local copies of this music in any fashion.   Heh.   I'm already skirting the free-use line as it is, kids.
Setup on Linux
I have received the following recommendations from a listener. I haven't used them myself, and I'm sure they're just a small part of a rich & diverse community of open-source MPEG stream playing tools.
Music Players
Media Players
Setup on a Mobile Device
iRadio on the iPhone / iTouch
Tuner (originally iRadio) was thrown together by one of the original NullSoft developers.   It's a lovely piece of software.   When I cracked my 1.x iTouch, I blogged about the setup since i was so darn happy to get it all working.   Since then, it's become a lot more sanitized.  
When I wrote this, I'd been having success running iRadio on my Jailbreak'd iTouch.   There were volume issues, and it tended to drop the connection after a while   After several drops, it wasn't able to re-establish the connection, some times even after a Quit and re-start.   This was a general issue with all other streams in the ShoutCast yp, so i doubt it's specific to S E B.
Otherwise, it's a Moving Target
The mobile device business is going through serious thrash.   With all the OS flavors -- BREW and J2ME and RIM and Palm and the iPhone and Android and mobile Linux, to name a few -- as well all the hardware OEMs and the walled-garden policies of the carriers, it's just like the ol' Wild West.   Your best option may be to do a general keyword search based upon your device.
General Connectivity Issues
Failure to Connect
If your audio player starts up, tries to connect and then fails, there could be a couple of issues.  
It's possible that your player doesn't support MPEG streams (though that's unlikely).   If so, there are plenty of other player options described here.  
Sometimes my stream can max-out -- it won't have any more available connections.   It's also possible that there's a problem with the data route between your computer and my transmitter.   That there are times that any web service can briefly become 'eclipsed' -- it'll disappear, becoming inaccessible from the outside world for a time, and then come back again as if nothing ever happened.   Or, my stream might actually be off-line -- you can easily check that option by looking up my ShoutCast listing.   If that search doesn't return any results, then yeah, something's probably up at my end.  
Sorry.   I do experience an outage on occasion.   My transmitter might lose its internet connection, or worse yet, lose power and shut down.   And yup, both of those have happened on multiple occasions in the past.   Not a perfect science this is.
Dropped Connections
Even when you have a successful connection, sometimes it might just drop out for about 5 seconds, then come back again.   Or you could hear brief audio 'hiccups'.   This is likely due to network congestion; it's a typical thing that can happen to media streamed over the Internet.  
Similarly, you might wake up in the morning to find out that you got disconnected at some point in the night.   Sometimes during a 'hiccup', your player may lose the connection and not be able to re-establish it.   Again, that's the just the way the Internet bounces (heh).
Enforcing WinAmp on Windows
I still foolishly assume that WinAmp is the best player for ShoutCast streams.   After all, they were developed by the same engineers, eh!  
If you're running Windows, then you may want to configure WinAmp to be the primary audio player for MPEG playlists.   This is done via file extension.  
From the tiny menu in the upper corner -- could be a little [X], or a little [N] -- choose Options, then Preferences... a dialog will open.   From the menu to the left, choose File Types (from under General Preferences)... this will display a list of 'Associated file types'.   make sure that the extension named "pls" (or "PLS", whichever you see there) is highlighed, and then Close the dialog.   Close WinAmp and any other audio player that's running, then click the Listen link again. If the non-WinAmp player pops up and complains (again), then it's going to take a little more.   Anyone that has multiple media players on their machines knows how much they compete for attention.   Almost like spoiled little children.   Firefox, Opera and Safari all have their own special ways of configuring their default audio players.   Internet Explorer is the hardest to tweak, because it uses the default Windows associations (which are annoying to reconfigure).   So you could mess around with your MIME type configurations, but that's sorta cumbersome.   And it's hard to maintain effective documentation here since because newer browser versions do the same things differently, etc.  
So.   A more reliable way to connect will be to do so manually.   First, right-click on the Listen link and choose the Copy Link Location option.   Some browsers might call this option "Copy URL" or "Copy Shortcut", etc.   After you do that, you will have the link to the MPEG stream in your clipboard.   Then start WinAmp, go to the tiny menu in the upper corner, and choose Play Location.   When the dialog appears, paste the URL from the clipboard into the input field, and Open the connection.  
You can also use WinAmp to bookmark my station.   However, if for some reason my transmitter moves to another server, then you'll have an old address and you won't be able to connect.   No problem.   Just come back to this site and repeat those Listen right-click instructions.   That'll give you a fresh change-of-address.
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