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S E B  is Sleepbot Environmental
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Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Listener Map
Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Listener Map
Yes, gentle listeners, I know where you are.   Or at least some of you.
The map below displays the coordinates of all active listeners whom my services can geo-locate.   I have only been tracking data since mid-2007, so I don't have the long tail of those die-hard accolytes who have been listening since 1999 (love and kisses to you all) .
The intent here is not to collect and mine personal data.   Nope, I just capture enough to be able to make a nice visualization.   Think of it as a quiet benevolent not-quite-all-seeing eye.   Session duration, historical usage and latitude are the functional criteria.   Geo-position data has absolutely no guarantee of accuracy.   Updates are constantly monitored, but overall change is slow and gradual.
Usage:   Mouse over the growths to quickly see data windows, or click one to keep its window visible.   If a window gets 'stuck', just click the map (sorry) .   Oh, and that red star cluster that shows up when you're listening?   Yeah, that's you .
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S E B Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
no accounts or warantees are made to the stability and longevity of this app. hopefully it won't fall on its face too soon.
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