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S E B  is Sleepbot Environmental
Part of Ambience for the Masses.
Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
The Story of S E B
Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
The Story of S E B
As a matter of public service, we provide this powerful, consise, provocative and intensely Educational Film-Strip.   It explains the true origins of Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast and how it is helping to serve the needs of the planet as a whole.  
Just pull the screen down to start the show ...
> > > > >   pull down the screen   < < < < <
the Story of S E B
presented in old-fashioned
brought to you by
Sleepbot Constructs
"a place where you'll find stuff"
as sure as the sun circles the earth,
the Sleepbot Orbital Transmittor wends its way
across the peaceful land of Cyberia.
little children speak in whispers,
for this Transmittor; it will sing to you
through the etheric waves
   that bind our signals together.
connect your computer to your speakers
hear the Broadcast in glorious color
its message is subwoofer-friendly, and never scares the neighbors.
the Broadcast will give your headphones
a sleek, dark coat, and the freshest mintiest breath.
happy and content, they will both caress your head.
The End
Oh.   Oh, come on now.   That -- that is just cheezy.   I'm not kidding.   I just don't see how they are going to allow me to go into grade schools with this thing.   I'm going to have to have a serious sit-down with our Marketing team.  
And for the love of god, does anyone over there know how to spell 'transmitter' ?!   I mean, seriously.
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S E B Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
in spiritum sanctorifficum. lum dee dum. oooohhhhhh...
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